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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bringing Back 1989

I was recently introduced to a fantastic blog that really brought me back to grade school and highschool... http://fuckyeahugly90sclothes.tumblr.com/ Not only is it a great tribute to all things kinda tacky awesome of the 90's but for real, I think I ended up wearing a lot of these things.

I have been long over due for a hair cut with my lopsided under cut bob for maybe more than just a couple weeks now. What better way to try to rock the wonky hair than to curl it up for summer?!?

Sponge rollers were the way to go, I find its far longer lasting and I can easily sleep on them. Bonus however is I have no hair on the sides and back of my head so granted sleeping on them is far more comfy for me than others perhaps!

I washed and put some of the classic Moroccan Oil and 'rockin'it' Hairspray from Got2B on the damp hair, sectioned it off in small sections and put it in the rollers. Knowing I'd want my right side to head over to the left, I rolled the right side winding inwards towards the crown and the rest forward down the centre.

When I woke up I just separated a couple curls but left them rolled mostly, pulled a few pieces here and there for texture and lightly sprayed the whole thing with the 'rockin'it' hairspray from Got2B.

The fun bit with curly hair is how many pins you can hide in it!!! To get the shape I wanted I needed to push the right side over a bit and keep the back tight just due to the fact that my hair technically is a bob ;)

So maybe a dozen hair pins later... and a touch of soft spray I'm pretty happy with the results!

My hair is pretty thick so I did find that the hair needed to be put into fairly small sections to even dry over night.

Next step is to get the awesome shaved lines in the side of my head...

I love the fact that my hair buzzed short like this, it allows me to do silly things with my hair that will only last 2-3 weeks. It helps to just do it and get it out of my system :)


  1. Your hair is perfection. I have short curly hair a lot like yours and I need a haircut soon...I want to print out a picture of your hair and show it to my hair dresser. :)