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Monday, August 29, 2011

Makeup for Boudoir and Glamour

I have had the great pleasure in the last few years to be able to work in a fairly unique form of Glamour Photography...

Boudoir sessions, are a chance to embrace your beauty in an intimate shoot that can range from lovely night wear, lingerie, nude or even your partner's uniform or jersey! Often when I'm brought in the client doesn't regularly wear much makeup, or they just LOVED the makeup and hair that I did on my site and really want to have that! Every woman comes in seeking something a little different, but more often than not a fresh Victoria's Secrets styled sexy is often the request.

From the moment the clients arrive the work begins, and not at doing makeup, but by letting the client know what is fantastic about them. It can be nerve racking for someone, heading in on your own, to get intimate images as a gift for your boyfriend. So I consider it part of my job to be soothing and supportive.

I think that I put a good majority of my effort into the skin, making it fresh, making them glow, and helping out the photographer a little bit with saving them a lot of time in editing after the fact. Bronzer is also a good friend of mine especially when it comes to helping blend out those tan lines and ensure that our faces and necks that get the proper SPF match up with the rest of our bodies that have been getting sun!

Finding all the subtle details to help bring out the most in my clients is what is key. There is no need to create a whole different girl, just a dolled up version! Often times false lashes, and soft curls gives us a fun twist with out over doing anything. The makeup in the eyes can be a gentle or as intense as they are comfortable with and it brings an look to the shots that is as individual as they are!

I'm looking forward to helping more women look and feel glamourous!

Images taken by Bella Stella Photography in Gatineau QC

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