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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clothing Show Fashion Show May 2011

All photography for this article by: Lou E Photo

The Spring 2011 edition of the Clothing Show's Fashion Shows was definitely a fun and energetic bunch people to work with. From the fantastic models that came to volunteer from all corners of the city (and beyond), to the makeup and hair teams that put in long hours on their feet to make sure every model look just fab. And finally the hard working team of dressers that did an amazing job at helping each and every model get out on the runway looking just smashing.

We had an extra 'set' this year making it a total of 24 designers... which made for a longer show and far more garments heading down the runway. Be sure to check at the end of the blog for the full list of designers that participated.

There were a few pieces that I really enjoyed this spring that went down the runway...

Anne Hopkins - The Wedding Dress

This was quite the show piece that went down the runway as the finale for Anne Hopkins' set. Not only was it really beautiful, it was all recycled from various sources... white pants, beads, maybe even some sheets were in there. It all came together as a stunning piece that really got a great response from the crowd.

Le Grana - Little Black Dress

This collection was all very wearable evening wear. Stylish and comfortable don't usually get to be uttered in the same phrase when talking about fashion. However Le Grana really got it nailed in this great collection of feminine, classy dresses that the girls not only looked great in, but felt it too!

Diane Kroe - Convertible Dress

This amazing dress can be worn what seems like a million different ways. New to me this year is the ability to gather and add layers along the hem/fringe of the dress!

So not only can you take the same dress and give it a new neck line, or change it into a skirt. Now you can give it more volume, or make it asymmetrical and textured. As always a lovely set of looks went down the runway, and I thought this image really showed the new gathering at the bottom quite nicely.

Mahlet Designs - 2 piece Dress

New on our runway this year is Mahlet Designs from Toronto. A lovely collection of knit wear and unique hand made pieces. The dress shown was particularly interesting to me because it is a combination of two pieces. The Black and the Grey which layer to make the dress. I found this unique because depending upon your mood you could be in a mostly Black dress or a mostly Grey one... It wears very comfortably and has a natural drape to it that makes it also quite elegant.

Glyfada Dress Designs - Lavender Knit Pocket Dress

This lovely piece was a beautiful knit dress that stood out to me almost immediately! The adorable front pockets, and lovely flower sewn up the one shoulder, are cute additions. But it was the unique pattern that gave it a beautiful draping along the hem line that really caught my attention. It is really a design that would look great on any body shape, and its light fun style makes it a great pick for summer.

I would like to give a special thanks to Deidre Tremblay, Catherine Huizenga, and Aisha Chacha for helping me out this last weekend, with out each of you, there is no way the show would have gone as smoothly as it did. Thanks so much to EVERYBODY, I really look forward to seeing what designs we will have on the runway this September!

The full list of designers from the show were:
Set A
Flights of Fancy

Set B
Copious Couture
Evoka Design

Set C
Hey ! Vee

Set D
MiriArt Designs
Anywhere But Here
Glyfada Dress Design


  1. As one of the makeup artist for the Saturday and Sunday show, I must say I had lots of fun working with everyone and seeing the designers outfits go down the runway. Can't wait to be apart of the september show. Great Job everyone

  2. Makeup by Vans-
    I had an amazing time working with everyone behind the runway.
    The models had awesome personalities!
    It was a great experience, I would love to participate again :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thanks so much to both of you! You did an amazing job making these girls look fantastic! I'm really looking forward to September now ;)