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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fab finds

I was on the drive out to Toronto last week for the Clothing Show auditions when I happened to drive past these beauties!

There was a set of 4 Cesca style chairs sitting by the mail boxes waiting to go to a new home. Since I couldn't possibly allow for them to get caught in the cold and the rain, I popped them into the back of my car and we went off on the road trip to Toronto.

The poor little chairs have seen some better days. Their covers have some holes in them, and they certainly smell as though they are 60 years old. The chrome needs some tender loving care, but I think that after a good bath, some days in the sun, and some new seat covers they should be as good as new!

I'm loving the fact that they have a natural bounce to them when you sit, but you still feel secure. And the design is so clean and light that they don't feel like a clutter in my already cozy living room. I think these will make an amazing addition to the family!

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