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Friday, May 13, 2011

Fashion Show Pre-Show

This will be my 3rd season involved with The Clothing Show behind the scenes as Runway Director. It is a pretty busy gig that starts off as gentle rumbles and ends up in a whirlwind for the three days during the show.

It is a tremendous undertaking doing all of the planning in order to put together a successful show. And because of the indie nature of the event, there isn't a tonne of cash flowing in order to just bring in the best from all corners to make it a flashy performance. So it takes careful thought to put something clean and simple together that not only looks the part, but gives everyone what they are looking for.

For the most part the cast and crew are volunteers, frequently from colleges and agencies, where this event is treated as a stepping stone for newer models, or a way to get hours for their program for the students. All in all, it is the experience that brings people in, but it is also the chance to network, meet new people and hopefully make some useful working connections.

Last weekend were the auditions for the models in the fashion show. We had a great turn out of around 55 models and we are seeking somewhere in the neighbourhood of 25. So between the models that have come out to meet us for the 1st time, plus a couple from last show that have indicated they would like to come back, I think that we are in some excellent shape for some lovely new and likely some still undiscovered talent to walk down our runway!

All in all, it takes a small army of volunteers to put on our 2 hour show: Models, Designers, Dressers, Makeup artists, Hair Dressers, Stage design and set up, managing crew... all in all it works out to nearly 85 people in the team both back stage an in the show.

The last two weeks leading up to the show is spent picking models, sorting designs, scheduling the weekend and communicating back and forth to all of those working for us at the show, and then of course reporting everything back to Bonnie and Clayton the owners of the whole weekend event "The Clothing Show"

Photo 1: Raymond Chow, Photo 2+3: Yuli Mitsner

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