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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Leather, Lampshades and Lipgloss...

"Hello World"

... It just seems to be an appropriate start to a new venture into this blogosphere as I kick off my new fashion, beauty and design blog. I will likely drift back and forth between the three, but really, fashion is beauty and design (in my mind anyways)

So who am I? I am a makeup artist, small business management professor, fashion show producer, interior design lover, bargain hunter, and hobbiest at sewing and crochet.

Born in Montreal, grew up just outside Toronto and living in Ottawa, I travel a lot, because it keeps both my art and my edge sharp and always on my game.

The idea for the Blog came about because I am always snapping pictures of all the things that I find for putting my modest little townhouse together in my attempts to make it fashionable and modern. My living room was recently photographed for Design Source Magazine in Ottawa. The issue is coming up this summer and I'm really quite excited to see the professional pictures... [twitter - DesignSourceOtt]

These are just a couple snapshots I've taken on my space, I'm loving the midcentury Modern look, and have been getting some great modern pieces as well as some amazing vintage finds from my mom!

I have been working in makeup for 18 years, having started with David Little back in Toronto 1993 while doing makeup for actors headshots. It was a great start, and frankly I still find my main focus as touching people up and making them into the perfected version of them selves rather than really being into crazy and wild transformations.

Currently I work freelance on a variety of projects including producing the fashion shows for The Clothing Show, makeup for videos with Parktown Productions and glamour makeovers for Bella Stella Photography. I also teach makeup at Models International Management as well as am represented by them here in Ottawa.

Because of all of what I get to see at the shows I attend, and the inspirations for shoots that I work on, it would be fair to say that I have gained quite a love for clothes and accessories. I find my self gravitating towards unique pieces that are a bit lesser known or where I can say I know who it was that made or designed that piece. I have to admit that I have more of a love for the Glyphics Corset Belt that I bought knowing the fantastic gal Steph that made it her self, over several other mall bought purchases. Or the awesome jacket from Plastik Wrap that Ryan literally picked off the mannequin and said try this one, it is exactly your size.

When I had considered starting a blog, I was going to call it 101 Black Outfits... mostly making fun of the fact that not only do I wear a stupid amount of black, but its also the colour I need to wear when I would go in to Sephora, Shoppers or Murale to do makeup for special events...

I will spare you all the weekly narcissism, but I can't promise it won't ever happen ;)

Photos: Portrait 1 - Mike Geiger; Living Room - ME; Makeup - Yuli Mitsner, Portrait 2 - Nicole Simone.

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