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Friday, July 15, 2011

Crafty Ideas - Bunny Gate

For any of you that have smaller pets, finding ways to keep them out of your favourite clothes or out of reach of the cables in your office is likely an ongoing reno project...

I made two barriers pretty easily this afternoon, all I needed was the following:

- Half a sheet of Coroplast (corrugated plastic)
- Tape Measure
- Duct Tape (pick your favourite colour)
- Metal Ruler (the longer the better)
- Drywall Knife
- Decals for decoration

You will be making your barrier with the lines going across your door parallel to the floor. This will make it more rigid, and less likely to just fold if you happen to trip on it!

Measure the width of your door, and add 1.5 inches to that measurement (you can easily just make a scratch on the coroplast with your knife!) And then mark your height somewhere just above your knees will likely do it.

Using your knife score the plastic using your metal ruler to keep you as straight and smooth as possible. Not to worry however, if you are not perfectly straight the tape will hide most of that!

Wrap the ends with the Duct Tape to give it a smoother softer finish and to help protect your self from scrapes if you happen to catch your self on the edge.

Then feel free to decorate with the Decals if you'd like. I added these great little robot decals I found for $1.50 at Michael's

I would decorate the side of the plastic that the pet cannot scratch on, otherwise it will just simply give them something to catch on and ultimately destroy.

The tension from the extra inch or so helps keep
the barrier in place, but is loose enough that you wont' personally really hurt your self in the event that you trip on it. It will just pop out of place and you can slip it in to the door jam again.

Coroplast comes in several colours and ranges from transparent to opaque, plus Duct Tape also comes in a wide assortment of colours as well. It is easy to make something like this that suits your own decor!

Coroplast $11.95 at Rona
White Duct Tape $3.95 at Rona
Decals $1.50 (times 2) Michael's
Total Cost $19 (2 gates)

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