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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Crafty Ideas - DIY Dress Form

Since my crochet binge started I've been finding it would be more and more useful to have a dress form to try things on to see how they fit, or how much needs to be added or taken away... so crafty friend of mine Raliat came over to help me make one!

What you need:
a good friend that can help tape you up!
3 Rolls of Duct tape - I went to Michael's and bought some dark red
1 Garbage Bag
2 super soft Pillows (Ikea Budget Pillows work well)
1 pair of Scissors you don't mind getting sticky!

- Start off by cutting slits in the garbage bag for
your head and arms to go through.

- We pinned the bag to my pants to keep it from slipping all over the place.

- We started at my hips and worked our way up covering my entire torso with 2 layers of tape.

- Taking the scissors we carefully made a cut up along the spine.

- Carefully tape the spine back together and stuff the form with the two pillows.

- Carefully refinish the surface with the 3rd roll of tape to give even lines front and back

- Finish the seams down the sides to hide the remaining edges.

And Voila!


  1. thank you so much for sharing how you did this. I have been wanting to get a form for my crochet projects as well to see how they look 'on' and this is such a great idea... thank you!