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Monday, July 25, 2011

Autumn is around the corner...

Well, I decided it was time to level up from making hats and scarves and try to make something that was a little more extensive. I had my 1st try at making a shrug which turned out wonderfully however it is a bit on the small side.

After looking at a few versions of these online I figured it out and eventually came up with these (basic) instructions.

Making a cropped sleeve Shrug:
Measuring across your back from elbow to elbow then add about 4 inches for extra give.
Starting with a G hook loop 10 to create the "cuff"
Continue with an L hook for the remaining length minus 2 inches
and Finish with the G hook for 10 to create the opposite cuff.

Using a single crochet technique called Crochet Ribbing you will repeat until you have enough width to wrap the cuff fully around your elbow. (for me this was 34 rows, and I wear a US Medium)

You will use single crochet to finish the sleeves and combine the 10 G sized loops plus 25 of the L loops

For the body you will start to add more ribbing rows with your L hook however each time you reach the end you will take an extra loop past the end and up the top portion to help make the sides. I did this for 20 more rows.

Finally in a continuous circle using the G all around the body opening, single crochet the collar, I sized up on this every 3 rows every 4 spaces so that it would be able to lay flat along the neck, but there are many ways you may choose to do this, with ruffles you can size up really quickly, or create something more open and lace that has more stretch and give.

The newest project has been the Crochet Cowl...

A SUPER easy to do project that looks chic and is super versatile took a super sized crochet hook, and 2 balls of super knobbly and soft yarn and really only an afternoon to do.

Using a Q or an S hook, chain about 24 - 30 depending on whether you have a long torso or not. Then using the same ribbing technique hook your way those two balls of yarn.

Once you reach the, you will flip the end to meet the starting row so that there is a permanent twist in one side of your cowl and attach with single crochet. (Mobius Strip)

Any ways a lot of fun and super wearable.... I'm already on to my 3rd Cowl! I wonder what to figure out next :)

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