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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ultimate Holiday Makeup Stash

I always love this time of year, its not the holiday music, or the pretty decorations... those are just distractions from the real opportunity that only comes around once a year... and if you're not careful you'll miss it.

'Holiday makeup gift set' time is here again!

For probably the deepest discounts you will see all year from the biggest brands in the business, let me walk you through some of the best buys you can find this holiday season.


Stila Cosmetics really does it again with this beautiful 22 shade compact
or only $24 (in Canada). For the same price you get approximately 6 times the volume of eyeshadow as purchasing one of their
famed single compacts!

A great range in shadow and the same quality they are famous for in a beautiful palette.

Likely the best bargain in eyeliner you are going to find this season, 5 great shades of eyeliner for $24 (in Canada) in Smashbox's great stay put formula. These pencil's mean business... smooth and blendable on the skin, yet your liner is steadfast all day long, no smudging and dark circles under the eye by lunchtime.

Five beautiful shades that includes really wearable shades of green and blue make this kit a real treat. For the price of buying only one eyeliner, you get 5 half sized pencils to choose from to finish off your holiday look, or to brighten up your makeup once the drab darker days are upon us.


Another outstanding deal would have to be Stila Cosmetics' Holiday Lipgloss collection. 8 half tubes of gloss for just over the price of purchasing one! At only $33 (in Canada) for the set makeup lovers everywhere can get a great assortment of some of Stila's most popular shades plus a few special edition shades just for the holidays!

I am personally pleased that this season includes two more caramel/mocha type shades, past seasons were very pink and rose this will have a wider appeal over all.


Always a great source for brushes all year round, M.A.C. Cosmetics their “Make It Perfect” brush sets available for only $49.50 for this adorable 5 piece set. An amazing value considering the foundation brush alone sells for $36.

This Icy kit comes with a large dome blush, Foundation Brush, large fluff, crease brush and an angled liner. No wasted brushes here, a fantastic value for the price!

There are two other variations on this set, an all white haired set and their mineralized collection.

Hands down the best $150 (incl tx) you could possibly spend on makeup this holiday season! All of the above comes to a whopping $500 (incl tax) at any other time of year, and quite frankly you'd only get half the amount of variety of shades if you had to buy full size!

For the Stila and Smashbox products these can be found at any Murale location and many Shoppers Boutique locations, The M.A.C. brush sets available at any M.A.C. store or select Bay locations.

Images care of stila.com, maccosmetics.com and smashbox.com

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