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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Simple Library

I had this odd little corner that wouldn't work for the TV since it is so bright, too far from the tv to put the couch over there... so I turned this little nook into the Library.

The shelves were found at Canadian Tire, I'm not so sure that they still carry them, but at the time they were only $100 a piece and have a great look fitting the Mid Century Modern look I'm using...

The Ribba picture frames from Ikea are a great way to showcase some records I've had for a few decades. I pulled the record out just slightly so it was apparent that it wasn't just a reprint of the cover but actually showing the original record.

The Mushroom Lamp was given to me by my mum and is an vintage piece.

The Union Jack chest was a Winner's find and the little robot was something my Brother and I found while in London... so I figured where else should the lil guy live but the Blanket and Scarf chest with his flag from home...

The last really is the White SCOOP Stool from Structube. Regularly $99, but I got it as a floor model with minor bumps and bruises for $40!

Overall a pretty good rate to give my self a rather rad looking Mod Library.

Total Project: $500 +tx
Plus the random books and nick-knacks collected over the years like the small statue, diffuser vase and the Scorpion!

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