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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bathroom Reno - DIY

I moved into my little townhouse just over a year ago. The cabinets and counter tops were fairly evidently that which were put in when these houses were built in the 70's. One of my 1st DIY projects was to give my bathroom a bit of a facelift.

The Bathroom had the most terrible tiles stuck down, some aluminum sliding door cabinet (you know the kind that will always leave a seam down the centre of your face?) the big round bulb lights put on a box to be able to stick out over the wall cabinet. All set over a built in vanity that ate up most of my floor space.

The 1st order of business was turning off the water and taking out that vanity. I had a plumber friend cut off the water valves and cap them while I did the rest of the work. Out came a big hammer and pow, no more vanity. And after a bit of scraping with a spade the tiles were all taken up too.

I had a few issues to fix while I was in there. Turns out our contractors thought it was a good idea not to connect the wall to the floor in a bathroom. Amazed that we've never had a flooding issue yet that destroyed the ceiling in my living room below, I used a spray foal insulation to fill the gaps before replacing the baseboards. Secondly the plywood for the floor was pretty spongy near the toilet so that plywood was replaced too.

After replacing the floor painting the walls and putting down new rounded edge vinyl tiles, grouting and all that good stuff, it was time to install the baseboards and replace the vanity and toilet.

The Vanity was a Rona Truckload Sale for only $119. Two Nackten bathroom mats from Ikea, at $4 each. Wall shelf from Ikea $29. Savern Mirror Ikea $39. Three blub Vanity light from Multi Luminaire $150. 24" x 12" Groutable Vinyl tiles Home Depot $59/box.

Total Project: $525 incl tax.


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    1. Thanks so much! I'm saving up for the Kitchen now :) Are you may remember THOSE counter tops are in serious need of attention...