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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Voulez-vous Boudoir Photography

I have been working in makeup for 2 decades next winter and it seems that the trend for me has always been in making people a fresh and pretty version of themselves.

While in highschool I worked with David Little from Headshots photography in the early 90s where I simply helped even out the skin and contour the face for actors headshots. I also did several makeover days with my highschool camera club which again were some nice makeovers that brought out the best in the subject.

Today I work mainly in bridal and boudoir where most of my clients look for something fresh, pretty and natural. Not a glam makeover. I love perfecting the skin and brightening up the eyes... adding that perfect glow and glossing up the lips! We work together and take our time and build it up until the client is satisfied.

Here are some great before and after sets shot by Bri at Voulez-vous Boudoir Photography in Ottawa/Gatineau. A sweet studio located in Gatineau with several looks and rooms all in one to give your shoot variety and texture!

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