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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chunky Crochet Throw Blanket

Last week Michael's had my attention with a yarn sale with some of the chunkiest softest yarn on sale for more than 50% off...

I have been meaning to make my self a throw blanket for quite some time, and at $3 a ball of yarn I could hardly say no... The blanket was made with a 9.00mm hook using 12 balls of "Charisma" by Loops & Threads yarn, and was split to 3 balls of Taupe and 9 Off White. Certainly use whatever colour combination you wish!

The final product lays 66" long and 53 inches wide, however at this length the yarn would make it just under 4 rows, my suggestion would be to shorten it by one chevron (or 10 inches) and this will allow for a bit less waste and could bring your waste down a fair bit.

Counting in multiples of 20 count out your 1st row - single chain up to approximately 56"

Add two at the end of your 1st row, and double chain starting in the second last hole for a count of 9. In the 10th hole double chain three times.

Continue in the next hole, and double chain for 7 more. In the 19th hole and 21st hole do the 1st loop of a double chain and then pull through all three to reduce holes 9-11 to one loop for the 2nd row.

This is a quick video on the Chevron stitch I found on youtube. In his video you will see how he does the reduction taking two double crochet and bringing them together. I wanted a more angular finish, so you may note the difference is that I skip a hole in between.

And for an amazing set of written and photo instructions check out this blogger from Attic 24 and her "neat ripple pattern" for crochet.

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  1. I've been wanting to make lucy's ripple-- yours turned out really nice. have you seen that she has a facebook page now- Attic24 and there is a group for people who like her colorful crochet work as well- We Love Lucy II (perhaps you'll join us over there!)