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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Counter top water dispenser

I recently set up a basic apartment in my basement for short term stay tenants or perhaps longer visitors... I'll do a full blog on the basement when its closer to done, but in the mean time I found a fab way to have water down in the apartment with out needing a huge machine standing on the floor.

It started off with a quick stop in at Value Village this morning (this seriously sounds like many of my other projects) where I came across this fantastic 3 litre water dispenser. I really liked the simple clean design and the sturdy design of the spout for for $3.99 I figured what am I going to lose?

After a good wash down and test I was fortunately correct that the tap has no leaks! and it cleaned up like new it must have barely been used.

Next up was to find a base... Due to the positioning of the tap there is no way anyone can get a glass under there with out keeping it at the edge of the counter which really didn't sit well with me.

My vision was to find a nice squat ceramic flower pot in a turquoise colour to match what I have going on in the basement. Sure enough after a bit of wandering around HomeSense I found exactly what I was looking for!

Lucky for me, the size was a perfect fit... (since I forgot to measure the water dispenser before leaving the house) And the final product is a pretty slick looking $15 counter top water dispenser!

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